Sunday, 25 May 2014


Hi guys,
I just want to start by saying I'm very sorry for not posting for donkeys years! I've been so busy with school and family but finally i have a week to myself!
Lately I have been doing alot of online browsing and have developed a rather large wishlist from beauty products to fashion items! Sadly I cannot afford everything on my list as it ranges from topshop to chanel and I will most likely never own any of it but I just figured as I havent posted in ages its better to post something rather than nothing.
So here we go,

1. Tringl bikini £53-
2. Zara office city bag £53
3. Fuji film polaroid camera £54
4. Chanel slip-ons £?
5. Eylure individual lashes £5.10
6. Topshop big floppy hat £33
7. Nars sheer glow foundation £30.50
8. Daniel Wallington watch £150
9. Tanya Burr nail polish in little duck £5.99
10. Gosh velvet touch Lipstick in Flirty Orange 153 £6.49
11. Bourjois Healthy mix concealer £7.99
12. The fault in our stars by John Green £price varies.

I hope you enjoyed this post i'm sorry it short but I will be doing alot more blogging from now onwards.
Lily xoxo

Sunday, 2 March 2014


For this weeks big Sunday post I really wanted to do something fun! Recently I found out that my friend, Mollie also had a beauty blog *whey* and because we both like the Jenner sisters I thought "well, why don't we do a makeup look for each of them" and here you go! Of course I am doing kylie and she is doing Kendall. The link is right here please go and have a look. Mollie's post is a Kendall inspired GRWM. I'm doing something different and gave myself a challenge of creating two kylie looks with all the same product (mostly drug store) Here we gooooo!

These are the two finished looks!

The base (Both same)
1. I used Maybelline Baby skin primer on my T-Zone
2. for foundation I used Bourjois Healthy mix foundation, this gives a nice dewy finish
3. Of course I had to use Collection Lasting Perfection concealer to hide my dark circles and some red patches
4.Next up I used MUA bronzer in shade 1 (this is perfect for extremely pale people like myself) I used this to do some mega contouring.
5. Natural Collection Blusher in rosey glow, all over my cheeks
6. To finish of the skin I applied Rimmel stay matte powder in 001 all over my T-Zone
7. For my eyebrows I used my Maybelline brow drama

Eye Look 1 (top) /EVERYDAY/
1.firstly I Curled my lashes
2. then I applied quite a dramatic winged liner using my Topshop magic liner
3. I took the matte black shade (corrupt) for the MUA undress me pallet on an angled brush and went over the liner
4.lastly I covered my lashes in Maybelline the rocket and the falsies mascara

Eye Look 2 (bottom) /NIGHT OUT/
1.Again for this look I curled my lashes
2. then I apply a primer for this look i used Urban Decay primer potion in Eden
3.then for eye-shadow I used the MUA undress me palette. All over the lid i used Naked (matte cream colour) Fiery on the outer 3rd (matte medium brown) corrupt in the crease and outer corner (shimmery dark brown) and I smudged Corrupt (matte black) along the lash line
4. After this I simply finished it off with the same mascaras (the rocket and falsies mascara)

Lips (both looks)
1. I used Vaseline the original one
2. for look 1 i used a mix of MAC crème cup and MUA one direction lipstick in the shade Niall for a more pink nude
3. for look 2 i simply used MAC crème cup on its own.

I really hope this inspired you to recreate this look or even try your own twist on the looks. Please go and look at Mollies Kendall look! it is fab!

Lils xx

Saturday, 1 March 2014

/February Favourites 2014/

For the first time in a while this month has been absolutely fab. having it been my birthday, to shopping countless times and going on holiday with my best friends. Today being the first day of march and already being a great day, I thought id add to it by doing a little blog post before tomorrows big weekly post *Ooooh! Aahh!*
So, before I start completely talking nonsense and change the subject completely these are my February 2014 Favourites.

First of all we have the beauty favourites!
~Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
I was very luckily gifted this by my best friends for my 14th birthday (thank you guys sososososo much!you are the best) this palette is perfect for pink somkey eyes or a natural everyday look. it is mostly shimmer and glitter shadows with two matte shades and a pearl sheen finish to one of them. there is a very mixed colour range from a pearl cream colour to a black toned purple with flecks of red glitter *Drooling* I seriously love this palette so much!
~Lush Snow Fairy shower wash
Again this was a wonderful gift from a friend. This shower gel smells like heaven mixed with everything good in a bottle! It smells of pear drops and candyfloss, and whoever came up with this combo is GOD!
~Lush lipscrub popcorn
at the beginning of February I had major dry and cracked lips. I needed a fast solution and this product literally made all the dryness of my lips disappear. I've used it every other night this month and my lips have never felt or looked this good. It is defiantly a product everyone should have.
~L'OREAL Micellar Solution
This watery goodness is awesome. i was on the hunt for a makeup remover which was sutible for sensitive skin eyes and basically every thing on my face because anything these days causes my skin to flare up or go bright red like a tomato. after have a chin-wag with my friend about it she said it was great, so obviously I brought it and I don not regret it one bit. when it says dissolves makeup it really means it dissolves makeup. my skin feels amazing after I use it and it last a bliming long time to (I'm not even finished half of it). so basically in one word this product is AMAZING!!
~MAC Crème cup lipstick
this lipstick was my first ever MAC product and it has not failed me. it is the best pinky nude lipstick I have ever witnessed in my 14 years of life. it is gorgeous! its lasting power is okay, but its colour and sheen is HOLY MOTHER!!! i just love this lipstick so much!

Moving on to non beauty faves!
~One Direction Midnight Memories
of course I had to include this. I have had Midnight Memories playing on repeat (not literally! I do listen to other music to) since it first came out. This album has such a rocky, indie vibe to it and it just makes me cry with happiness every time i listen to it. Even if you don't like One Direction (but who doesn't) you will love this album. I always catch my mum having a little sing along to little white lies.
~Panic at the Disco I Write Sins Not Tragedies
This song is a rediscovered favourite of the month. lately I have opened up my music taste and have found myself listening to indie one moment and rap the next. but this song is seriously a crazy amazing song and not to mention but the lead singer is quite hot!
~Pretty Little Liars
I have been watching this series ever since i saw everyone and their goldfish rave about it. i love every thing about this show from the story line, to the actors/actresses and Cody Christian (GODS GIFT TO TEEN GIRLS ALL OVER THE GLOBE). the story line always has twist which keeps me up till at least one in the morning watching episode after episode.
~My Mad Fat Diary
If you have never seen this show, WATCH IT NOW. this show is so touching and I really feel I can relate to the main character Rea. it deals with really serious issues and stereo types and not to mention has a really hot main character (Nico Mirallegro) but other than that it is really really great and I cant recommend it enough.
~War Horse
at the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to get to go and see War Horse in Theatre with my school. even though we arrived 10 minuets late and missed the first bit, it was still one of the most beautiful and emotional pieces of drama I have ever seen. I got way too emotional at the end but it was worth it. If you get the chance to see War Horse don't hesitate on going.

Okay, so I am very sorry that wasn't as little as I thought but I did do little reviews for everything. I Hope you enjoyed this and talk to you again tomorrow.
Lils xx

Sunday, 23 February 2014

/School Makeup/

For my first beauty blog post *squeals with excitement* I thought that I would share with you my everyday or school makeup. For school I like to keep my makeup simple and natural. If like me your school has a rule against makeup but doesn't really care if you wear it (as long an your not caked in foundation and have eye line all over your face) or if your looking for a fresh natural makeup look then these products will look gorgeous on any skin tone!

Maybelline Baby Skin
MAC face and body in "N1"
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in "Fair 1"
MUA Cream Blusher in "Blossom"
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder
Maybelline BROWdrama in "Medium brown"
MUA Undressed Eyeshadow palette (I only use Shade 3 and 5 on an everyday basis)
Topshop Magic Liner in "Engraved"
Collection Does it all Mascara
Maybelline the Falsies Mascara in "Black Drama"
Vaseline Coca Butter lip balm
MAC Lipstick in "Creme Cup"
Rimmel stay matte powder in "translucent"
Collection Fix me up Makeup fixer

This is just a little idea of what makeup I usually wear. Don't feel you have to go out and spend £20 odd on a foundation when the drugstore sells much cheaper alternatives. I hope you enjoyed a sneaky peek into my makeup bag. I will be doing seperate reveiws on some of the products in the future but for my first post here I wanted to keep it short and sweet.


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hi Guys xoxo

Hello everyone, 

So I decided to create a blog and post about different products I like to use in terms of makeup, bath products and even talk about some of the stuff I buy generally and give a review on them.I love discussing  my opinions on products with friends and I hope that I can share them with you and that you would be very interested. Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Lily Garner. I'm 14 years old and I live in the London. I live with my mum, dad, brother, sister, our rabbit and cat. I am currently in secondary school, starting my GCSE, I like boybands, beauty, fashion and Leonardo DeCaprio. So basically I'm your average sarcastic, moody teenager. Keep your eyes wide open for a beauty blog post comming up next.

I hope you enjoy what is to come. Lils xoxo